I graduated from The University of Texas at Arlington where I majored in physics, minored in biology, and worked as a research assistant with the Biophysics and Physiology Group. Later, I worked with a software startup but quickly realized that a cubicle wasn't for me. I found my way into education and have not looked back!

As a researcher, my focus was on the development of optogenetic technologies. As an educator, I spent 3 years teaching Integrated Physics and Chemistry, Engineering, and AP Physics at Cleburne High School; my alma mater. I then taught at North Crowley High School in Crowley, TX for 3 years. There, I taught On-Ramps Physics, General Physics, AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2, and served as the Science Department Chair from 2018 - 2020. Currently, I work at the University of Texas at Austin with the OnRamps program as Senior Physics Course Coordinator.

As an educator and leader I am motivated by these non-negotiables:

  • Children deserve a quality education.

  • Regardless of career, trade, or lifestyle, education is key to improving a person's and their families' quality of life.

  • Every child can learn to mastery.

My work and teaching philosophy is one that focuses on equity and accountability:

"Every child deserves a quality education. As parents, educating our children should come second only to their safety. It is our responsibility, as professional educators, to provide children with the classroom environment and cognitive tools needed to be successful as lifelong learners. If our students fail it is not as a result of factors out of our control. We are the only variable for which we have any direct control. It is by owning this fact, embracing accountability, and maintaining a sense of service that we can begin to improve on the status quo."

My current research interests include,

  • factors that affect low SES student success in college level coursework.

  • systemic issues that affect teacher recruitment.

  • applications of biophysics and other interdisciplinary sciences in science curriculum.

  • the role that culture plays in STEM pedagogy.